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Happiest Holidays, friends! Doesn’t it feels like the holiday season begins earlier and earlier each year? I could have sworn we were just celebrating the 4th of July in our cute little town of Edmonds.

One of my favorite things to do with my family this time of year is to look back at all of the changes since last Christmas. We celebrate the happy surprises and acknowledge the frustrations. We predict the more routine changeslike starting a new grade at school or learning something newand we dream about the possibilitiesan exciting new Client at work, seeing our favorite team win the championship and catching a glimpse of the orcas in the Puget Sound.

It’s not just fun to marvel at the way our life evolves, it also lends much needed perspective to the inevitable less welcome changes and stresses experienced throughout the year. When seen through the lens of time, many of the things we busied our minds worrying about are far less important.

It’s also a reminder that life is truly lived in the everyday occurrences of life. These are the things that shape us and change us from year to year.

Savoring these moments, really being present and aware in them, seems that much more important.

With this in mind, I am prompted to examine how I am in the small moments. To find ways to make mornings less chaotic, to stress less about the things that are out of my control, to put ‘busyness’ in perspective, to be more productive with my time so I can spend it on those little things that matter—like reading one more bedtime story instead of hurrying out of the kids’ room to catch up on email.

These are the things I’ll explore for myself this year. And, I hope that when looking back at 2018, I can say I lived in the small moments, I basked in the good and found strength to press on through the bumps and bruises of the year.

I wish this for you too, Friends. Happiest Holidays!


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