lifelovehustleAnother smoothie recipe coming at ya and this time it’s hiding veeeggies (oprah voice). We have a few very pick eaters around here in the glorious form a toddler and a preteen… and the kid in between who also likes to change his food preferences, like, every day.

This version features carrots and cucumbers, because that’s what I had in the fridge. But you can also try celery, kale (kale, yes!) spinach, and frozen avocado, which has a really mild flavor (add extra liquid if you go this route).

Note, the greener the veggie the greener the smoothie. If I go full on green, I stick the smoothie in a colored sippy cup so the 2 year old doesn’t see it. Mom tricks.

Check out my go to smoothies here, here and here. With a few easy substitutes these can also be kid-friendly. You should also try this Avocado Banana Kale smoothie from Simple Green Smoothie. Um, delish!

Strawberry Banana Carrot Cucumber Smoothie

1 scoop vanilla protein powder (optional)
1 cup frozen organic strawberries
1.5 frozen organic bananas
1 whole organic carrot
.5 cucumber, peel removed
Coconut water or filter H2o – I eyeball it for the smoothness and consistency I prefer.

Blend frozen bananas, carrots, and water until most of the larger chunks are smooth.
Add remaining ingredients. Blend.
Hand to picky eater and pat your momma self on the back. #winning