Month: April 2018

A few weeks ago I started the 7-Day Inner Dialogue Reboot. If you missed it, I’ve been updating my progress on my InstaStories. You’re welcome for the filters 🐶 🐰

I noticed such positive shifts in my mindset during the initial 7 days that I decided to keep the (intentional) good vibes going.

Yes, there have been days when it’s been hard to stay in a positive mind space, but for the most part, being intentional about my inner dialogue and deliberate about positivity are becoming a habit that’s easy to keep.

There are areas I struggle with more than others (more on those later), but I’m finding that changing my perspective is the key to getting out of the negative mindset funk.

I’ll share more about some of the tricks I’ve learned to keep my mindset positive in the next post. In the meantime, below is more mindset related content from some of my favorite online publishers.

I love reading up on this stuff, so send me what you’re reading too and I’ll update the list.

More on Positive Mindset

HBR IdeaPodcast: Make Peace with Your Inner Critic featuring Tara Mohr
If you prefer, you can read the transcript of the podcast here. Also, don’t miss my review of Tara Mohr’s book Playing Big.

Fast Company: This Four Minute Brain Hack Can Turn You Into an Optimist

Inc. 3 Ways Successful People Think Differently From Everyone Else

Thrive: The Daily Routine Backed By Science That Will Make You a Happier Person

My dress: I talked about this dress on instagram the other day. It’s so comfortable and flattering. I tried on so many other gingham dresses (most were a lot more expensive), but this couldn’t be beat. Find it here.
This dress from 1901 at Nordstrom was a really close 2nd – the neckline is so cute!

bossbabe podcasts

You know how much I love podcasts.  It’s an obsession, really…and, I’m completely ok with that. In fact, last night (and I mean at, like, 11:30pm on a school night), I was literally looking for things to do around the house before bed so I could keep listening to my latest unsolved mystery obsession, Someone Knows […]

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inner critic life love hustle

Hi. I’m Kaylynn and I’m my best frienemy. A few weeks ago on instagram, I posted about the power of inner dialogue. I’m talking that little voice in our heads that can make us question wearing a cute strapless sundress because our arms ‘aren’t rock hard’ or that one that makes you second guess adding your […]

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