Hi! Thanks for checking out LIFE LOVE HUSTLE. I’m Kaylynn Kelley, a career-driven wifey and boy momma (times 3) chasing that mythical thing called balance.

I’ve spent the last 16+ years in the insanely-paced world of digital marketing and consulting. A bit of a workaholic, a few years after my first child was born, I found myself burnt out and struggling to find any kind of balance in my life… I was exhausted, unhealthy and unfulfilled. 

‘Having it all’ was not at all like I planned it on Pinterest. #realitybites

I knew there had to be a better way. I didn’t have to accept the ‘mommy track’, I didn’t have to miss out on important parts of my kids’ lives. And, I didn’t have to lose what really makes me ‘me’. My obsession with what I call the ‘modern working momma’ began and continues every.single.day.

This blog’s work is to explore ways to make living a life we love possible, to inspire and encourage, and, simply make it easier to do all the things that make us caretakers, career women, and partners.


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