I’ve come to grips with the fact that the days of leisurely doing my makeup in front of my very own bathroom mirror are over. I probably should have accepted this, like, 2 kids ago, but, hey, I’m stubborn.

Now that I’ve mourned the days of old, I’ve gotten pretty good at applying my makeup in the drive thru line at Starbucks. Triple tall hazelnut americano, please and thanks!

In fact, I actually prefer to fill in my brows in the car nowthere’s something about 360 degrees of natural light that helps me add shape my barely there blonde brows.

Since I’m always short on time and on space, I’m forever on the lookout for good products that are easy to toss into my work or baby bag. My favorites are all-in-one palettes coordinated to perfectly compliment each other, so I don’t have to think too hard about how individual products look together. Bonus points if it comes with a mirror (to use in place of my rear view mirror)!

Below are some of my recent favs. All go above and beyond the basic makeup palette and are perfect for creating looks on the go.


1. Bobbi Brown 5-in-1 Essential Face Palette


This little palette is pure magic. As to be expected with Bobbi Brown, each of the products in this 5-in-1 palette are perfectly coordinated to improve and compliment your skin tone. Use the Corrector followed by the Creamy Concealer the day after a sleepless night with a toddler (I have some recent experience with this one) and no one will ever know you spent all night in a rocking chair.


2. IT COSMETICS Je Ne Sais Quoi Complexion Perfection

I recently discovered IT Cosmetics while on vacation and LOVE their products, especially for on the go looks. This palette does not disappoint – it  includes beautifully subtle products for bronzing and highlighting and also includes a pressed powder that really reduces the appearance of pores. That perfect little Je Ne Sais Quoi look is yours in just a few brush strokes.


3. Charlotte Tilbury Beauty Glow Palette


This palette has everything you need to create a fresh luminous look and features a big mirror—a life saver when you’re away from home. Options for cheek and eye color along with a universally flattering bronzer and highlighter combination, lets you dial up your look for office, evenings and weekends.


4. Benefit Hide & Sheen Concealer & Highlighter

Don’t overlook this little duo because of it’s compact size. It delivers coverage and luminous skin in 2 foolproof steps. The Boi-ing Concealer, a Benefit cult classic, is ‘industrial strength‘  (had plenty of days when this was so necessary) and flawlessly covers dark circles and uneven skin tone while the highlighter adds just the right amount of luminous sheen to cheekbones.

I’ll post a full review of my go to ‘get ready in the car’ products soon. In the meantime, good luck handling all the things all the time, mommas! You’re amazing!




images via: nordstrom, ulta, sephora