IMG_4718Ok, let’s talk birthday parties for a sec. Who hasn’t pinned some amazing birthday party ideas only to realize that it takes a whole lotta time & a fair amount of cash (a design degree might help too) to bring these ideas to life. Yea, me too.

This was espesh’ true when our 3rd baby was born and Middle Little was desperate for a Pokemon party. I was still on maternity leave at the time and knew this party needed to be easy and, ahem, cheap!

First challenge: find out what the heck this Pokemon thing is all about. Google, you never let me down (adoring smile). With some basic ideas about the game and loads of inspiration, I got to work.
Pokemon Party


For birthday parties with lots of wild kids running around, I am not a fan of having it at home. While it eliminates the cost of a venue, for me, in jacks up the stress level re: having a clean house before and cleaning up afterwards. Don’t need it. We’d already done the trampoline birthday party & the Little Gym birthday party, and since I’d just had a baby there would be no jumping or running for this Lady (talk to me, new mommas). Something unique was in order.

We have the cutest small town movie theater in Edmonds that let’s you rent the whole theater for the afternoon, show any movie you’d like, bring your own food (which is pretty unique and helpful for keeping things easy & costs down) and provides popcorn and drinks for all guests. Book it!

After some searching and prescreening a few Pokemon movies, we decided to show Pokemon The Movie 1: Mewtwo Strikes Back. I’m not going to lie, it was a little bit tedious for most of us parents to sit through, but the kids couldn’t have loved it any more.



While I love to get really theme-y and spend way too much time (and money) on fancy, perfectly themed foods, I’m learning that keeping it pretty simple is best for kids this age.

  • Poke-ball pizza (inspiration & pic below from this blog. I literally texted the pic to my fav pizza place and they did the rest)
  • Grapes
  • Pre-packaged apples – so easy for little hands to grab
  • Juice and milk boxes

Pokeball Pizza


I love, love, LOVE fancy cakes. As you can see from Middle’s Star Wars & Super Hero birthday parties.  But, this year I knew I needed something that would be easy for the kids to grab on their own… and, as much as I hate to admit it, cake can be a pain to slice up and hand out. So, I decided to grab some basic vanilla cupcakes from the grocery store and searched Etsy for some cute cupcake toppers. I settled on The Afterhours Cakery, but there are so many options – check out this one, this one & these absolutely amazing cake pop options (here & here).

Pokemon Cupcake Topper


Although you don’t have to go crazy in the decor department, I think a custom sign and favor tags can go along way to making a party feel complete. I’m faaaaar from a designer myself, so I always rely on Etsy and other online printable shops to help. This year I bought a few pieces of the Pokemon Package from Wants and Wishes and uploaded the files to Kinkos who printed everything in less than 24 hours. You’ll need to spend about an hour (or less if you’re fast) cutting and assembling the favor bags, but the effort is pretty minimal.



A Few Final Tips:

  • Always be sure to order extra food & cake for parents and any sibs that tag along.
  • Don’t forget the matches!! I’ve done that a few times. #momfail
  • Extra napkins, plates, and utensils will save your toosh, I promise.
  • Appoint a grandma or friend to take notes on presents so thank you notes are easy (and by easy I mean you’ll know who to send them to… coercing your Little to write them is a WHOLE other thing. If you figure that one out please LMK)



Printables: Wants and Wishes

Cupcake Toppers:The Afterhours Cakery

Pokemon Plates (not pictured): Party City

Pokemon Napkins (not pictured): Party City

Red Chevron Napkins (not pictured): Left over from the Super Hero Party

Movie: Pokemon The Movie 1: Mewtwo Strikes Back

Favors: Pokemon cards, Pokemon bouncy ballsWrist bandsPokemon mini figures