Who is counting down the days to Memorial Day? Me too! 🙋🙋🙋 I am so in need of a long relaxing weekend.

In my last post, I talk about Tony, Cooper and I heading to Arizona for the long weekend to spend time with family. That post was all about keeping your sanity when flying with a toddler, especially when you’re doing it alone.

For helping our boys keep their sanity while traveling, we’ve found a few super simple things that tend to work over and over.  (I really hope I’m not jinxing our next trip!) I’ve also linked a few articles with more great tips for traveling with Littles below.

Traveling with a Toddler

1. Pack a Special Travel Bag

It can be so fun for kids to have a special bag of their own to carry.  Fill it with lots of fun (but not too heavy) surprises.

  • Snacks
    • I try avoid anything too sugary. Lara Bars, squeezy packets, goldfish crackers, those cute little mixed nut bags from Trader Joe’s and Justin’s almond butter packets are great options.
  • Mess-free markers
  • Change of clothes
    • Like I said in my other post, I like to be prepared for vomit, blow outs and the like, so I always tuck in an extra set of clothes for the flight. Let’s just say the one time I decided not to, Coop and I both smelled like baby puke for an entire flight. 🤢
  • Kid friendly headphones and media device (if you’re into the sort of thing)
  • Pacy
  • Light blankie
  • More snacks
  • Other
    • Carrier – I was lucky that Cooper was small enough to be in the carrier for quite awhile. Being close to me on the flight helped him relax and fall asleep quickly. I would definitely recommend bringing it if your child will go in it. It’s also great for moving through airport walking traffic quickly.
    • Plastic bags for garbage and any wet or ‘soiled’ items
    • Wet wipes (you can also use baby wipes if space is limited)
    • Hand sanitizer
2. Fly During Nap Time

We try to plan travel around nap/nighttime sleep schedules so we’re using the natural sleep cycles to our advantage. Typically, this means flying just before nap time/bedtime so we can spend an hour or so in the terminal running around (see bullet below) . By the time they’re settled in their seat, they’re tired and ready to close their eyes.

3. Get The Wiggles Out (aka wear them out) before the flight

A few laps around the terminal does wonders for a toddler’s energy level once they get settled into their seat on the plane. If you’re lucky (and the stars have aligned just right), they might just snuggle in and take a lonnng nap (a momma can dream).

4. Board Last

Unless you have a carry on, which, let’s be honest, would be a miracle with all of the gear necessary for life with toddlers, plan to board last. The hardest thing about flying for kids is being in a confined space. Boarding first extends the time they’re confined. It also means you may have to get up and down as other passengers find their seats.

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