A few days ago I posted a pic on Instagram that I would have never even considered posting before.

Truth is, my inner mean girl has a lot to say about the way I look in that pic (&, let’s be honest, a lot of other things).

But instead of letting her beat me up and ruin my lunch plans, my day or even how I feel about hanging out at the pool with the kids, I quietly told her to sit down and, ahem, shut up.

So what’s changed? How have I been able to keep the mean girl in her place?

One word: gratitude.

Gratitude is the secret weapon of keeping positive mindset.

It’s something we’ve talked about a lot lately.

Last year my dear friend Kym gave our #momsquad The Five Minute Journal for Christmas.

At first, I was afraid it would feel like a chore to use it consistently. But, I was surprised at how easy it was and how much of an impact it had on my outlook every day.

Apparently, it wasn’t a fluke. Decades of Research has shown that practicing gratitude is good for your health and can help improve many areas of your life, including negative thought patterns.

In fact, scientists have gathered more than 20 years worth of studies to prove that gratitude really works.

According to UC Berkeley, “over the past two decades, studies have consistently found that people who practice gratitude report fewer symptoms of illness, including depression, more optimism and happiness, stronger relationships, more generous behavior, and many other benefits.

The good news for us busy mommas is that we don’t have to do anything elaborate to have more gratitude in our lives.

Overwhelmingly positive effects can be felt just by keeping a simple gratitude journal.


Of course, you don’t need The Five Minute Journal to become more grateful, but it’s so effective because it draws on psychology research and self-improvement advice that’s been tested in the real world. They distill this info into easy to follow morning and evening routines/questionnaires that will have you changing your outlook faster than you change your toddler’s pull up.

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Have you tried journaling?



{image source The Five Minute Journal}