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It’s been said that negotiating for a raise, promotion or other career advancement is one of the hardest things a woman will do in her career.

I’m kind of sick of hearing (and perpetuating) that.

Isn’t that the exact disadvantage we’re trying to overcome – the idea that asking for what we’re worth as working women is the hardest thing? I accept that men and women communicate differently. I accept that the cultural norms that govern our social interaction influence our workplace.

It is what it is, but I’m done accepting that it’s the hardest thing. The hardest things are founding a new company, leading global teams, making significant advancements in science, tech and medicine, running for president of the United States. These, among the other incredible things women do everyday, are the hardest things. Asking and getting what we’re worth shouldn’t be.

So while we wait for the world to catch up, how do we advocate successfully on our own behalf? In recent posts, we’ve highlighted tips from Mika Brzezinski’s Knowing Your Value: Women, Money and Getting What You’re Worth, which we recommend following.

But, let’s say you’re new to negotiation, find yourself unable to advocate for yourself (not uncommon) or are facing a complex offer. What then?

There is help. And thankfully it comes in the form of skilled negotiation coaches. Consider them your negotiation side kick coaching you through each stage of the conversation, arming you with research and helping to build your confidence so you can masterfully navigate any situation.

The following are a handful of consultants who specialize in helping women ask for and get what they’re worth. Many offer free consultations and all have lots and lots of content to help you navigate on your own if you’re not quite ready to hire a coach.

Let us know if you give one a try. And, of course, let us know if there are more to add to the list.


Ladies Get Paid

From the site: Get paid what you deserve. It’s rough out there for a lady at work. We get it. Ladies Get Paid will help you embrace your ambition and take control of your career. Whether it’s getting paid or getting promoted, everything we do is designed with you and your success in mind.

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Stop Being Awkward at Networking
5 Things to Know About Salary Before You Ask for a Raise 

She Negotiates

From the site: We know the personal, cultural and political landscapes that impact your ability to ask for what you want, and we help you overcome them. Not just because you demand it or deserve it, but because the world needs what you have to offer, and without women, business suffers (people and profits).

Worksheets & Tools
Negotiation Preparation Worksheet
How to Research Your Market Value

Ask For It

From the site: Ask For It teaches negotiation skills to teams, organizations, and anyone who needs to ask for more. 

Worksheet and Listening Guides
Negotiation 101: The 3-Step Script For Negotiation Success
How To Talk About Salary During The Interview Process


You go this – go get ‘um!